Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Danasan Eco Adventure Park

start at P100
8AM - 5PM 30 Mins 50-100pax

Thrills for the Adventurous

Dare to live on the edge and let nature bring out your adventurous side! Danasan Eco Adventure Park has several exciting adventures lined up, just waiting for you to conquer your fears. So let go of all anxiety and let live!


Come and join the thrill and excitement of ziplining, ATV running, and more!

A. Waterfall Activities
  1. Sightseeing shall be the only activity allowed. Swimming shall be prohibited. Groups will be composed of a maximum of five (5) persons to be accompanied by two (2) trained guides. Only persons travelling together shall be allowed in a group.
  2. Guides must be equipped with a two (2) way communication device, safety and emergency equipment that are in accordance to the appropriate equipment standards.
  3. Life vests and other equipment used during the activity shall be regularly sterilized with an Ultraviolet Germicidal Light, with STRICT OBSERVANCE of the instructions on proper handling and use of the device.
  4. Only 50% of the maximum carrying capacity of the area shall be used.
  5. The waterfall area shall be closed one day of every week which will be set aside for the maintenance and upkeep of the vicinity. The tourism task force shall be notified of the appointed day for proper supervision and monitoring.
  6. Selling of food and smoking within the vicinity of the waterfall area are strictly prohibited.
B. Zipline Adventure
  1. Only one (1) guest per cable line shall be allowed per trip.
  2. Safety gear worn by guests during the activity shall, after each use, be sterilized with an Ultraviolet Germicidal Light, with STRICT OBSERVANCE of the instructions on proper handling and use of the device.
  3. There shall be regular disinfection of equipment, facilities, and surroundings.
C. ATV Riding
  1. Only one (1) guest per ATV bike shall be allowed per trip.
  2. Visitors must wear proper equipment such as helmet, life vest, shoes, and other safety protective equipment AT ALL TIMES during activity.
  3. A list of the prescribed gear must form part of the brief sent to guests prior to the activity.
  4. The ATV bike, gear, and equipment that are rented out should, at the end of each use, be properly sterilized with an Ultraviolet Germicidal Light, with STRICT OBSERVANCE of the instructions on proper handling and use of the device.
  5. There shall be regular disinfection of the ATV bike, equipment, facilities, and surroundings.
  1. Temperature above 37.5, must cool down and recheck after, if still the same cannot enter.
  2. Persons who are experiencing the following in the last 14 days: fever, colds, cough, sore throat or difficulty breathing cannot enter.
  3. Persons who have in close contact or exposed to a person suspected or confirmed with COVID 19, cannot enter.
  4. Persons who are under quarantine, or persons under monitoring cannot enter.
  5. Senior citizens above 60 years and persons below 21 years old or those who are with immunodeficiency, comorbidity or health risks, or pregnant women cannot enter.
  1. No Mask No Entry
  2. Foot bath upon arrival
  3. Temperature Check
  4. Social Distancing observed.
  5. Washing of Hands with soap; Alcohol upon Arrival.
  6. After each activity, harness, helmets and other used equipment’s be sanitized was with water and soap, spray disinfectant and UV rays.
  7. Rooms after each use, sanitized and UV rays.
  8. Public areas sanitized with disinfectant spray
  9. Fogging every week, in all public/common areas.
  10. Alcohol and washing stations with soap available through our activity areas.
  11. Room capacity; 1 each room except for couples.
  12. Activity:
    Zip line 1 per person
    Kayaking: 1 per boat
    Wakeboard: 1 per line;
    1:1 (customer/ operator);
    4 per session 2 hours
    ATV: 1 per ATV;
    4 (dispatch) Waterfalls: 4 per person ; 2 guides.
  13. Utility Vehicle:
    Multicab: 5 persons including Driver
    Military Truck: 7 persons including driver
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May 2021
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Enjoy what nature has to offer!

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