Mahogany Floating Cottages

P50 -Entrance Fee
8AM-5PM 8 Hours

Thrills for the Adventurous

For over 55 years, Thrillz Co. has gained more experience organizing rafting trips down the Chilko, than any other local rafting company. We make it our mission to show you the time of your life!

Rafting the Chilko, Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers in British Columbia, Canada is a river rafting experience unmatched in its awesome diversity and stretches of Class IV whitewater.

Rules to Follow

EO 20-A
  • Subject to the minimum health standards established under Executive Order No. 20, Series of 2020, and by the Department of Health, sightseeing of tourist sites and other attractions shall be allowed within the Province of Cebu.
  • Guests must be divided into groups before proceeding to the activity areas. Groups will be composed of a maximum of five (5) persons to be accompanied by one (1) trained guide, when applicable. Only persons travelling together shall be allowed in a group.
  • Only 50% of the maximum carrying capacity of the sightseeing area shall be used.
  • Guides must be equipped with a two-way communication device, safety and emergency equipment that are in accordance to the appropriate equipment standards.
  • For waterfall sightseeing, the area shall be closed one day of every week, which will be set aside for the maintenance and upkeep of the vicinity. The Cebu Provincial Tourism Task Force shall be notified of the appointed day for supervision and monitoring. Life vests and other equipment used during the waterfall sightseeing activity shall be regularly sterilized with an Ultraviolet Germicidal Light, with STRICT OBSERVANCE of the instructions on proper handling and use of the device.
  • Selling of food and drinks is strictly prohibited.
  • Day 3 Rafting The Chilko

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    May 2021
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    Come and join the thrill and excitement of white water rafting with the adventure rafting team!

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