Sing With the Mangroves

Sing With the Mangroves

starts at P570
2-3 Hrs Maximum of 8 Pax/Group

Hear the Voice of the nature

For over 55 years, Thrillz Co. has gained more experience organizing rafting trips down the Chilko, than any other local rafting company. We make it our mission to show you the time of your life!

Rafting the Chilko, Chilcotin and Fraser Rivers in British Columbia, Canada is a river rafting experience unmatched in its awesome diversity and stretches of Class IV whitewater.

Safety Rules

Visitors and guests are required to follow these basic safety measure. Have fun, relax, and keep safe.

Keep the Distance

Observe social distancing at all times;

Follow Health Protocol

Wear your face mask and shield at all times;

Safety First

Always wear your life vest;

While on the Boat

Avoid unnecessary movements;

Always ask assistance from boatmen if you wish to take pictures;

Care for the Environment

Disposable water bottles are not allowed;

Follow your Schedule

Please come on the agreed/assigned time. We will better enjoy the whole tour package during high tide.

DON'Ts (On-Board)
  1. Do not attempt to get off-board on your own;
  2. Do not jump from the boat;
  3. Do not throw your trash anywhere
DO's and DON'Ts (Swimming)
  1. DO maintain close distance with the boat
  2. DO wear your life-vest
  3. DO NOT swim 5-meters away from the boat
  4. Avoid bringing of food
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January 2021
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